So, I’ve come to the conclusion that social media has its pros...

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that social media has its pros and it’s cons. One obvious pro is that it makes the world a whole lot smaller than it would be otherwise. The personal and professional connections that I have forged over the years through Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and the like are truly magnificent.

For many of its advantages, however, there are some distinct disadvantages. If you are a proprietor/entrepreneur, which most musicians in the 21st century are, or at least it should be, the way that these forums suggest you develop traction is to pay for promoted posts and tweets. Essentially, it’s for paying for people to like you.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not going to dismiss this process completely out of hand, but I have made a decision that I think is consistent with the highest good for my brand and the fans of the music as well. I have chosen to migrate the bulk of my music updates to mailing list subscribers.

Social media is full of distractions. If you’ve opted to receive my emails, it will be because you have a genuine interest in being updated. Many people have asked me about upcoming events, project news, booking inquiries, etc. What if you could open your inbox and have all the answers laid out in front of you? It will also help those of us at our base of operations to streamline these things into one central hub.

Have any questions/interest in signing up for the monthly / bimonthly e-mail list? I would love to keep you in the loop about what I am up to as an artist and from time to time I have giveaways, too! Please let me know if you’d like to do that. I will never give your e-mail address to anyone else, and you can opt out of my list at any time.

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